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A breathtaking city with colorful houses on lush green slopes is the identity of Parga, a beautiful Greek city that can be a go-to vacation spot for you, and your family. There is a lot to see here, exquisite beeches, forts emanating from magical history, scenic hilltops and amazing people who can bring a smile to your face.

With a city that has so much to see, so much to do, and a plethora of exquisite locations to explore, it’s imperative that you have a reliable, trustworthy, and comfortable transfer service to rely on.
At “Taxi Praga Dimitris & Stavros Tousis”, we aim to create this seamless travel experience for you.

TAXI Parga

At Taxi Praga Dimitris & Stavros Tousis, our ethos and approach to transfer service is born from the spirit of Parga itself. With our services, and in our beautiful Mercedes E211, you can sit back and relax worry-free. Enjoy a superior experience as we drive you through the mesmerizing streets of Parga. Our experience in offering a complete end-to-end transfer service with a focus on customer satisfaction and hospitality has rendered us the best Parga taxi service.

Your introduction to Parga will be through us, as your trusted Parga taxi, we can pick you up from the Preveza airport and provide you with a seamless transfer experience to your accommodation, all the while offering a comfortable ride through the beauty of Parga.

But that is not all, we can offer you a luxurious, comfortable and reliable taxi service as you spend your days in Parga exploring this beautiful city.




We have more than 30 years of combined experience amongst us, ensuring that our clients get the best Parga taxi service no matter where they wish to go in the city. Through our experience, we know the best, most scenic routes and ensure that punctuality and comfort always come first.

Mercedes E21

All of this is achieved in our beautiful Mercedes E211, a comfortable and luxurious vehicle with plenty of room for you to stretch your legs after a long flight or an exciting day at the beach. Our drivers are some of the best in Parga and put your comfort and safety first at all times. You could take a nap in our vehicle without worry about the safety of yourself, your loved ones or your luggage, and still reach your destination well in time and comfortably. All because of the experience and skill-set of our drivers in ensuring that you have the most comfortable riding experience a Parga taxi can offer.

We offer an affordable, yet reliable service

As with any tourist location, knowing where to go, the best timing and locations, and also the safest most comfortable routes are essential. In line with that, we at Taxi Parga Dmitris & Stavros Tousis can ensure that you can experience the best of Parga throughout your stay here. We offer an affordable, yet reliable service to all our customers. We are well spoken in English to ensure that our customers face no communications problems at all. It is with a spirit of complete customer satisfaction and safety that we approach the job of driving tourists across the beautiful city of Parga.

Preveza airport

In a nutshell, Taxi Parga Dimitris & Stavros Tousis is a taxi service that can offer you a punctual and comfortable transfer service to and from the Preveza airport, at a very affordable price. In addition to this, we can take you in and around Parga on a journey of exploring our beautiful city at affordable prices, making sure that every minute you spend with us offers complete value for your money. You can hire us to help you explore Parga, the hills, the beaches, the beautiful streets, or the lush green meadows, you name it and we can take you there with a stout focus on your comfort, safety and time.

So what are you waiting for! If you’re planning a visit to the beautiful city of Parga, then Taxi Parga Dimitris & Stavros Tousis is the taxi service to go for!